The Perfect Book For SAT Or ACT Prep

By | May 31, 2020

Grammar books have certainly changed since this reviewer last checked out one. Sramek has written the suitably titled the good Grammar Book. What stands out about the book is its layout. With a workbook style she covers all the regular topics, but alright . Starting with the diagnostic assay within the beginning she instructs and informs with trivia and fresh exercises testing the fabric taught.

The diagnostic assay isn’t easy and does test the essential ability of the reader. However, it does provide immediate support in showing the right answers. The subsequent chapters strengthen the weaknesses revealed with this test. Each chapter is divided in to a statement of the rules, examples of these rules and exercises to reinforce the rules. Finally, the review exercises and therefore the “Final Chapter Review” test the reader on all the topics thoroughly.

“George Washington created the Purple Heart in 1792, making it the nation’s oldest military decoration,” reveals a trivia tidbit that keeps the eye of the reader (pg. 73 for the exercise. This is the corrected version for those interested). Under Parentheses, one among the examples are some things this reviewer didn’t know, another little bit of trivia, “In 1898 (fourteen years before the Titanic tragedy) Morgan Robertson wrote the novel Futility, about the most important ship ever built hitting an iceberg within the Atlantic on a chilly April night.” This book is crammed with interesting facts in Sramek’s efforts to stay the subject lively and therefore the reader curious about completing the teachings .

The chapters follow the quality topics, but she ends the book with the foremost practical chapter of all “Successful Writing Skills.” Sramek condenses the entire book into a series of explanations and exercises utilizing the lessons taught in the first part to “practice, practice, practice.” The particular instruction and exercises enhance what comes before while using practical applications to emphasize each section. This chapter is sweet for college kids and therefore the obvious reason for the book. This chapter is additionally excellent for refreshing skills using proper grammar for others outside of the education sphere.

This book is certainly well targeted by the marketing department of Avon Press. Students preparing for SATs and ACT will benefit greatly. However, another marketing arm might be pursued with the companies world. All persons who communicate via the word would had best to review this book and run through the exercises. This reviewer is recommending this as a practical guide for any one that writes on a regular basis.

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